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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2331 food crib
“You may come over any time,” Si Yehan responded.
“Another ident.i.ty?”
Astonishment flickered through Si Yehan’s sight. This reply to was truly very unexpected. “He Lianjue? Your expert?”
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“Mn, nicely, this actually requires Yi Lingjun’s key, plus i can’t convey to an outsider or maybe it’d probably set up off a giant surprise!” Ye Wanwan’s sculpt had a change. “However, you’re not an outsider at any rate, so it’s high-quality to tell you.”
Ye Wanwan unhappily poked Si Yehan and didn’t prevent until Si Yehan grabbed her unruly palms. She sighed and responded to Yi Lingjun, “Disguise, what disguise…? I’ve been translucent when in front of my newborn considering that the beginning…”
“Another ident.i.ty?”
“Much much better!”
“So the dining room table in Director Yi’s residing room…”
1So all the things she reported on the phone on that day, revealing him to rest simple and declaring she absolutely wouldn’t be impulsive or misunderstand… Not really sole concept was true…
“I hacked it!”
When Ye Wanwan discovered that Si Yehan wasn’t wondering her about Yi Yunmo, she couldn’t endure wondering, “Aren’t you planning to consult me what’s the offer with Yi Yunmo?”
1So all the stuff she reported on the telephone on that day, informing him to relax simple and easy , expressing she absolutely wouldn’t be impulsive or misunderstand… Not really sole phrase was true…
1So all the stuff she stated on the phone that day, telling him to rest simple and indicating she absolutely wouldn’t be impulsive or misunderstand… Not a sole concept was true…
Ye Wanwan mentioned, “You promised you’ll sleep at night with me today! You can’t return back into it!”
Si Yehan: “…”
Si Yehan’s eye softened upon listening to this.
Ye Wanwan extended to clarify, “As why I suddenly become his little girl, it’s merely that guy’s awful sense of humor. He doesn’t have a little princess, so he needed to abduct just one without needing to a single thing to experience the enjoyment of this. Needless to say I couldn’t say yes to that kind of ridiculous require! Then again, that day, I saw…”
Ye Wanwan nodded and replied, “You definitely won’t think it whenever i explain to you. Yi Lingjun’s other alias is… He Lianjue…”
Soon after seeing and hearing this, Si Yehan finally comprehended the entire storyline with the subject. “No ask yourself.”
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“I shattered it!”
When they spoke, Ye Wanwan’s telephone started buzzing. It had been Yi Lingjun contacting.
1“The fracture for the floor…”
Ye Wanwan’s vision have been resentful. “That’s perfect! I additionally observed Qin Xiyuan getting handsy on you! How could I withstand it? So, I consented to it inside my anger! Contending dads? Who doesn’t fully grasp how?!”
“Mn, effectively, this actually consists of Yi Lingjun’s secret, so i can’t inform an outsider or else it’d probably established off a giant hurricane!” Ye Wanwan’s tone took a turn. “However, you’re not an outsider anyways, so it’s okay to inform you.”
“Well, um, Yi Lingjun actually has a top secret ident.i.ty, and the other ident.i.ty actually is a person I recognize!”
Ye Wanwan sighed. “That’s perfect. It’s him. As he uncovered me, I became also frightened witless and not envisioned that old freak, He Lianjue, to possess this type of alias! One of them had been a perfectly-reputed martial arts training master although the other just one was a well used freak whom everyone in the Impartial Condition hopes to throttle. Those two individuals, who definitely are as diverse night-time and working day, are literally the same guy!”
“I shattered it!”
As they quite simply spoke, Ye Wanwan’s smartphone started buzzing. It absolutely was Yi Lingjun contacting.
Si Yehan’s vision softened upon hearing this.
Si Yehan: “…”
Si Yehan: “…”
“So the kitchen table in Director Yi’s living room…”
Ye Wanwan exasperatedly recognized the call. When the simply call attached, Yi Lingjun’s emotionally charged, accusatory voice was been told. “What took place towards your skilled typical and ‘I absolutely won’t reduce my disguise’, huh?!”
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When Ye Wanwan noticed that Si Yehan wasn’t inquiring her about Yi Yunmo, she couldn’t avoid wondering, “Aren’t you going to inquire me what’s the offer with Yi Yunmo?”

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