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Chapter 1755 – Doudou, whom do you love the most? title shoes
Cultivation Chat Group
Doudou gritted his tooth enamel, and stated, “I will give it a try yet again for a while, but don’t request me such unusual concerns! Otherwise, I am going to mouthful you. It becomes easier for you to just transform it back to the issues from right before.”
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“It’s as it hasn’t been excited but,” stated Song Shuhang. As he spoke, he utilized his clairvoyant strength.
Cultivation Chat Group
[The vision is complete, so I’ll return to my grasp. Moreover, this Accurate Flywheel can be a incentive, and my expert claimed that it is to get left for you.] The tone of voice of № Hamster sounded in Song Shuhang’s imagination. [I’ll be disconnecting now. Adios.]
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Even so, well before Piece of music Shuhang could do just about anything, the going tire began spinning quickly.
Piece of music Shuhang happily reported, “I just planned to try out the capabilities of the enchanting value and, very well, tease you along the way.”
Doudou gritted his tooth enamel, and mentioned, “I will try it out all over again in a while, but don’t consult me such odd inquiries! Or else, I am going to chew you. It becomes easier for you to just change it back in the questions from ahead of.”
[4th issue: 2+2=?]
Track Shuhang lowered his brain, and checked out his palm. Out of the blue, a faint reddish colored colour appeared from his hand.
Fairy Formation shouted unwillingly, “Stupid, foolish!”
Melody Shuhang required, “Are you ready?”
“Me as well,” Smooth Feather reported. “In accessory, when now we have the opportunity, let us get Mature Copper Trigram with this tire. Possibly at that time, we’ll eventually familiarize yourself with whether Senior citizen Copper Trigram is usually a male or possibly a feminine.”
Music Shuhang retched for any great when until he last but not least observed a tad far better.
“Senior Tune, you didn’t affect the inquiries!” Very soft Feather termed out. She begun to manage, her thinner legs moving swiftly to keep up with the rotation rate of the working tire.
Doudou explained wittily, “Are you looking to trick me just as before? I’m not dumb! This should be a case where 1+1=1. A head of sheep as well as a go of sheep continues to be a head of sheep, correct?”
She patiently waited for a long time, ready until Elderly Melody finally have out. But considering that it turned out her turn… it shattered?
Doudou gritted his the teeth, and explained, “I will give it a try all over again for a while, but don’t inquire me such strange inquiries! Otherwise, I am going to chew you. It would be better for you to just transform it directly back to the issues from well before.”
“Then I’ll get started.” Piece of music Shuhang began to command the magical prize. “Anyway, the issues loaded in mere now have been for Doudou, so I have to button straight back to the questions on ‘transforming divine sense into psychic energy’ primary.”
As he made clairvoyant vigor, Music Shuhang felt just as if he’d turn out to be an individual along with the hamster wheel—to become more precise, he’d gained partial control over it.
Doudou searched irritated when he obtained right out of the hamster tire.
Soft Feather responded to, “Go into the future, Senior citizen Melody.”
Doudou extended out his four hip and legs casually, and trotted inside wheel.
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“Then I’ll start.” Track Shuhang began to regulate the awesome value. “Anyway, the issues jam-packed in just now were definitely for Doudou, so I have to transition straight back to the questions in ‘transforming divine sense into clairvoyant energy’ very first.”
“!!!” Smooth Feather.
Cultivation Chat Group
Track Shuhang retched to get a excellent when until he ultimately believed a bit much better.
Doudou shouted, “F*ck you! Have a look at my lips, f-*-c-k y-o-you!”
“Me far too,” Smooth Feather stated. “In option, the next occasion now we have the chance, let us get Older Copper Trigram in this tire. Perhaps at that time, we will lastly familiarize yourself with whether Elderly Copper Trigram can be a guy or simply a lady.”
Nevertheless, the wheel did not switch, and with № Hamster owning already disconnected, there were n.o.body to inquire inquiries to.
“Huh? The appliance is performing again? Then allow me to go primary, Senior Tune,” Very soft Feather called out. Of course, she was initially in series!
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The demonic hamster said this by means of emotional conversation, thus it was only Song Shuhang who been told this.
“???” Doudou.
Which time, whomever questioning the dilemma was Music Shuhang, who will regulate the mystical cherish.
As soon as the wheel discontinued, Song Shuhang speedily opened up the entrance in reference to his clairvoyant electricity, and jumped out of it with his durability.

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